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Steve try every website builder so you don’t have to.

he designed and coded websites for the last 20 years . websites have been featured in Wired, The Next Web, Smashing Magazine, The Huffington Post and Forbes.

he is the sole developer, designer and reviewer at Site Builder Report— you can read more about my story in his interview with IndieHackers.

Over the the last 4 years he as written over 100 in-depth reviews of website builders— which, at over 100,000 words, is the size of a big book. In that time Site Builder Report has grown quickly. Today over 60,000 people every month use it to choose a website builder.

He create the ultimate resource for choosing a website builder. So I maintain a side-by-side comparison table, he run customer support tests to find out who has fast customer support (and who’s slow), he use his credit card to test billing practices and I check each review every 9 months to make sure they’re up to date.

he started Site Builder Report after building his own website builder in 2012. those websites builder was really good— but he quickly found out it didn’t matter. he was up against corporate juggernauts like GoDaddy (who buy Super Bowl ads) and 1&1 (who have a $100m quarterly marketing budget). he realized that people didn’t need another website builder. Instead they needed someone to take the time to figure out which website builders were good and which were bad.